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Styleguides for WordPress

January 23, 2023

Brandy is a powerful and versatile styleguide platform that is particularly well-suited for WordPress users. We have been heads down on our WordPress integration and excited to release it. Here are just a few reasons why this game-changing integration will be the future of cloud styleguides and brand management for WordPress website owners.

Customizable and flexible

Brandy allows users to create their own custom styleguides, which can be tailored to the specific needs of their projects. This means that users can choose exactly which elements they want to include in their styleguides, such as colors, typography, and buttons.

Easy integration with WordPress

Brandy has a built-in integration with WordPress, which makes it easy for users to implement their styleguides on their WordPress websites. This means that users can easily apply their styleguides to their existing WordPress templates, without having to manually update each template.

User-friendly interface

Brandy has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create and manage their styleguides. The platform is intuitive and straightforward, which means that users can get started quickly, even if they have little to no experience with styleguides.

Collaboration and approvals with Adobe Express

Brandy allows for collaboration and versioning, which is especially useful for teams working on a website project. This means that multiple team members can work on the same styleguide at the same time, and changes can be made easily with Adobe Express.


In conclusion, Brandy is a powerful and versatile styleguide platform that is particularly well-suited for WordPress users. Its customizable and flexible nature, easy integration with WordPress, user-friendly interface, and collaboration and approval features with Adobe Express make it a great choice for anyone looking to create a styleguide for their WordPress website. It is also the most affordable cloud styleguide solution on the market.

Single source of truth for all your brand assets

Empower your team with an easy to use brand asset management tool. Brandy saves you hours generating, organizing and searching for things like logos, color palettes, product photos or fonts.

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Brandy is a brand management service that helps you improve the way you organize and distribute brand assets. Our powerful platform lets you quickly create brand style guides in the cloud. Agencies, enterprises, and individual brands can also use Brandy to leave a lasting impression on your clients and teams.
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