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Walter Kimaro Joins Brandy as Chief Technology Officer, Igniting New Era of Innovation

September 1, 2023

Innovative SaaS Company Brandy Strengthens Leadership with Global Talent

September 1, 2023 – Brandy, a trailblazing force in technological innovation, proudly announces the onboarding of Walter Kimaro as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Operating from the vibrant tech landscape of Tanzania, Walter Kimaro's addition to the team marks a significant step towards furthering Brandy's pioneering digital solutions and fostering international collaboration.

Walter Kimaro comes to Brandy with a distinguished background, having held key technology leadership roles at prominent tech companies. His experience spans the Adobe suite of solutions, where he played a pivotal role in developing and shipping one of the first Adobe Express add-ons. Walter's expertise extends across various domains within the Adobe suite, demonstrating his versatile skills in leveraging technology for creative and innovative purposes.

"Walter Kimaro's appointment as our CTO represents an exciting chapter in Brandy's journey," said Ryan James, CEO of Brandy. "His global perspective and extensive experience, particularly within the Adobe ecosystem, align perfectly with Brandy's values and ambitions. We are confident that Walter's leadership will further propel our technological initiatives and drive our vision for the future."

A notable connection within Walter's journey is with Brandy's CEO, Ryan James. Walter and Ryan crossed paths after Ryan noticed Walter's work with Adobe add-ons and plugins, where they instantly hit it off on ideas for the emerging software categories of brand management and design system management. Walter's distinction as one of the first developers to ship an Adobe Express add-on showcased his innovative spirit and collaborative nature. The VP of Product at Adobe also recognizes his contributions.

"I am honored to join Brandy as Chief Technology Officer, representing Tanzania and the global tech community," Walter Kimaro expressed. "My journey with Adobe and other tech solutions has fueled my passion for innovation and collaboration. Teaming up with Brandy, whose values and vision align so closely with mine, is an incredible opportunity to create transformative products."

Walter Kimaro's extensive experience in technology and his shared vision with Ryan for design system and brand management software underscore the alignment between his skills and Brandy's strategic goals. As CTO, Walter will lead Brandy's technical endeavors, overseeing product development and innovation with a strong focus on enhancing user experiences. You can read more on Walter's Adobe column.

Brandy ( by Stylebase Inc. is an innovative tech company operating in the design and brand management software space. Through a blend of innovation, creativity, and user-centric design, Brandy aims to revolutionize technology's role in the lives of individuals and businesses. With a diverse portfolio of products and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Brandy continues to set new standards in the tech industry.

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