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Frontify Alternative: The Benefits of Choosing Brandy

October 6, 2022

If you’re looking for a Frontify alternative for Brand Asset Management, you’ve come to the right place! Powered exclusively by Stylebase, Brandy offers a fast, secure, and innovative solution for brand management and styleguide creation. At revolutionary pricing, our platform is unlike anything else you’ll come across.

Agencies Managing Multiple Brands

Brandy was created for agencies to manage multiple brands in one place. With Brandy you can simply create a new brand space, and toggle between the brands lightning fast. Here is how Brandy and Frontify differ on the agency use case.

Frontify for Agencies

With Frontify you are only able to get started with 1 brand. If you upgrade to their paid pricing plans, you still only get 1 brand. Their agency page requests you contact them for partnerships. Although they claim to have the abilitiy to manage multiple brands, you will most likely need to resell their product to your customers and get them on their paid plans to get access to manage multiple brands as an agency. They also do not have a toggle brands feature to make it easily to switch to other brand spaces. There is a lot of friction with Frontify if you are getting started as an agency, and it is not intended for brand, marketing, or design agencies.

Brandy for Agencies

Brandy was created by agency owners with the sole focus of building styleguides super fast and managing them easily with a toggle. You can build a styleguide in under 5 minutes with Brandy and it's extremely fast and easy to understand. On our agency plan, you get 10 brand spaces. You can invite clients into your brand space as an editor or viewer, and they will have access to their brand space only. It is easy to separate your styleguides and clients, and toggle back and forth between them. Agencies can also white-label our product fully by customizing the shareable link domain of the the styleguide, so clients will never get to know it is powered by Brandy. Agencies can essentially build their own styleguide studios and fully white-label it. Our agency plan also comes with unlimited users and editors, so you never run into annoying paywalls.

Lowering Brand Management Overhead

It can get expensive to manage digital assets, and especially if you are paying for a brand management focused DAM. Brandy is changing the game and on a mission to democratize beautiful styleguide software at revolutionary pricing for agencies, SMBs, and web hosting end-users. Here is how Brandy and Frontify differ on pricing models.

Frontify Pricing

Frontify starts at $79 per month on their lowest priced paid plan. This comes out to nearly $1,000 annually for just 1 brand on Frontify. They have some great features and integrations packed in there, but most brands don't need all that noise when building a styleguide or managing brand assets in a clean format. They also limit your users to 3, 10, and 25. If you want over 25 users on Frontify, you will need to upgrade to Enterprise plan and contact them. Many agencies will need to invite multiple customers in and Enterprise plans are unaffordable for most agencies.

Brandy Pricing

Brandy is free forever and starts at $5 per month on the lowest priced paid plan, or $49 on the annual plan. The agency plan starts at $35 per month, or $350 on the annual plan. You can visit our pricing page here to check out our plans. There is no paywall when inviting additional editors or viewers, and you get up to 10 brand spaces in the agency plan, up to 25 brands in the agency pro plan, and 100+ brands in our unlimited plan.

The product is designed for agencies and SMBs to build advanced styleguides, but at affordable pricing to democratize brand management and make the online world a more clean and consistent place. Many brands can even get away with our free forever plan, which offers up to 20 assets. As brands grow their asset library, they can easily upgrade to the brand plan at $49 annually, which is far less when compared to other tools and has faster and easy-to-us core features such as file exports, color palettes, text editor, 30+ support file formats, etc.


Brandy and Frontify are clearly not in the same lane. Frontify is designed for Enterprise marketing teams, with a plethora of features and integrations. It is more complex of a product, making it harder to navigate and adopt.

Brandy was created for Agencies first, and also small businesses to build a styleguide in under 5 minutes and grow their brand assets at extremely affordable pricing. Both are great solutions for the different use cases, but if you are an agency or small to mid sized business, then Brandy is the better option.

Stylebase also has a product called Kerning in beta that is intended for product designers, content marketers, and product agencies. This will directly compete with Frontify for enterprise teams, and we are excited to share more updates as it comes to life!

Single source of truth for all your brand assets

Empower your team with an easy to use brand asset management tool. Brandy saves you hours generating, organizing and searching for things like logos, color palettes, product photos or fonts.

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Brandy is a brand management service that helps you improve the way you organize and distribute brand assets. Our powerful platform lets you quickly create brand style guides in the cloud. Agencies, enterprises, and individual brands can also use Brandy to leave a lasting impression on your clients and teams.
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