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Brandy Presents at Adobe Creative Cloud Partner and Developer Kick-off 2023

February 28, 2023

Brandy by Stylebase, a cloud-based branding and design platform, had the pleasure of being invited to present at the Adobe Creative Cloud Partner and Developer Kick-off 2023, thanks to Marichae Coleman, Partnerships Adobe Creative Cloud Extensibility and the amazing team at Adobe: Aubrey Cattell, VP Product CC Developer Platform & Partner Ecosystem, Ingo Eichel, Sr Manager Adobe Creative Cloud Ecosystem Development, and Rob Cohee, Adobe Director of Product Management. The annual event brings together technology leaders at Adobe, companies, developers, and partners in the Adobe ecosystem to showcase their latest innovations and preview upcoming releases.

Speakers for Adobe Express

At the event, Jayati Sinha from Brandy showcased the latest features and tools, including its recently announced integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Express. Jayati also demonstrated the use cases for enterprise teams, small business, and web hosting companies. The platform allows users to easily access their brand assets and design templates from Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Express within Brandy, streamlining the design and brand management process and saving time for designers.

“We were thrilled to be invited to present at this year’s Adobe Creative Cloud Partner and Developer Kick-off,” said Ryan James, Founder and CEO of Stylebase & Brandy. “Our integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Express is just the latest example of our commitment to making branding and design more accessible and efficient for businesses. We’re excited to continue working with Adobe and the Creative Cloud community to deliver the best possible solutions to Brandy and Adobe customers.”

Brandy also revealed its exciting new features that are currently in development, based on feedback from users and businesses. This includes task management productivity platform for brand teams: A powerful tool to increase productivity for brand teams, allowing them to manage and assign tasks to team members, track progress and deadlines, and streamline communication. And most importantly Brandy's new Enterprise plan for global brand social teams localizing their brand in various regions around the world.

Brandy as featured product to showcase Adobe Express SDK

To stay up to date on these exciting new features and more, visit Brandy by Stylebase roadmap page at

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