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What is a Brand Platform?

March 8, 2023

A brand platform or brand operating system (brandOS) is a cloud-based software platform where small business, startups, and agencies come together to build their brand guidelines, styleguides, and consolidate their style. It helps brands stay consistent across all marketing efforts including web, social media, ecommerce, and all marketing channels. Agencies can also toggle between all the brand spaces they manage very easily.

brandOS was built for brands of all sizes, specifically marketing and brand teams, to come together and consolidate style and design assets all in one place. It empowers teams to work together to build their brand and design which can be shared across organizations and even used by HR departments for evangelism efforts.

brandOS is a place for brands to thrive and share their design, style, stories, brand language, code, and everything under the sun! Brandy prides itself on ease of use and time to build. Think of brandOS as a centralized hub for all your branding, marketing, and design assets!

Brand Platform Core Features

Brandy's brandOS core features:

  1. Brandy Asset Builder. Drag and drop editor to lay out your assets exactly how you want. Set up your collections in the sidebar for clean organization.
  2. Cloud Storage. Consolidate logos, colors, typography, icons, and any other brand assets for consistency across all your marketing efforts. 30+ supported file formats.
  3. Collaboration. Invite unlimited teammates as editors or viewers and start building your brand together - all in once place.
  4. Shared Link. Easily share your Brandy styleguide with teammates, contractors, media, or anyone to quickly access your branding and files.
  5. Dashboard. Simple dashboard

Advanced features we are working on:

  • Integrations. Integrate Brandy with your favorite design tools and other applications. Importing assets into Brandy has never been easier (private beta).
  • Modules. From Instagram grids to sonic branding, we are working on modules that will take your design systems to the next level and help you build brand depth.
  • Provisioning and Data API. Making it easy for web hosts and domain registrars to resell brand management software to their customer base!
  • More. Our mission is to make brandOS the world’s greatest brand management software for agencies. We feel like we are there, but still have ways to go :)

Why should my team use a Brand Platform?

A brandOS empowers teams to thrive in one centralized space to work on building their brand and design. It is the future of the way brands will work together to build brand depth:

  • Save time: Stop searching around all your different tools or desktop to find brand files and design assets. Simply visit your easy to remember Brandy link and have access to it all right away. Also, the time to build a Brandy is lightning fast!
  • Centralizing brand, style, and design assets: brand OS allows teams to work in a single space on logos, illustrations, UI designs, and any other design or branding practice you can think of. This truly helps brands stay consistent always.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies: Gone are the days of worrying if someone in your organization is using the wrong color or distorted logo anywhere online like social media, email signatures, etc. Brandy helps everyone stay aligned!
  • Showcase your brand: Share branding you can be proud of to the world and set a standard in your industry for having the best brand.

brandOS becomes a workspace that connects marketing, brand, and contractor teams to their work and solves the headache of having to work about assets being all over the place like Google Drive, dropbox, etc. Here are some examples of types of brands who would leverage Brandy's brandOS:

Small Business

A small business leverages brandOS to learn how what assets they need to build a successful brand.


A marketing agency uses a Brandy to manage multiple brands in one place. A single brand space is created for each brand they work with and they help their customers stay consistent

Web Host & Domain Registrars

Web Hosting companies with millions of small business customers can leverage Brandy to bring incremental value to their users! Our platform educates their hosting customers on how to build brand depth through our Brand Essentials Checklist.


Enterprises can use Brandy to consolidate all their brand assets in one place! Our lineup of integrations makes working with design tools seamless, saving organizations time from digging up assets. We also have a product called Kerning coming soon!

Single source of truth for all your brand assets

Empower your team with an easy to use brand asset management tool. Brandy saves you hours generating, organizing and searching for things like logos, color palettes, product photos or fonts.

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About Brandy

Brandy is a brand management service that helps you improve the way you organize and distribute brand assets. Our powerful platform lets you quickly create brand style guides in the cloud. Agencies, enterprises, and individual brands can also use Brandy to leave a lasting impression on your clients and teams.
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