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Comparing Adobe and Atlassian Productivity Solutions for Marketing Teams: Brandy and Workfront vs. Trello and Jira

March 7, 2023

In today's world, there are a plethora of project management tools available to help businesses manage their workflows and streamline their operations. Two popular project management tools in the Atlassian Product Suite are Trello (simple) and Jira (complex), both of which have earned their stripes for their user-friendly interface and feature-rich capabilities. However, another set of project management tools that are making waves in the industry are Brandy (simple) and Adobe Workfront (complex, acquired by Adobe). In this article, we will explore the similarities between Brandy and Trello, as well as the similarities between Adobe Workfront and Jira. Please also note that Brandy Task Manager and Kanban, Social Pillars, and Marketing Roadmap features are currently being developed. This is our vision for what is to come! You can view our Product Roadmap here:

Brandy and Trello: A Comparison

Both Brandy and Trello are web-based project management tools that offer a visual approach to task management. Brandy, like Trello, uses a kanban-style board to organize tasks and projects. Users can create cards for each task, and then drag and drop them between different columns to indicate progress. The boards can be customized to suit the needs of different teams and projects, and users can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and add comments.

One of the key differences between Brandy and Trello is that Brandy is designed specifically for marketing, creative, brand, social, and design teams. It comes with a range of marketing-specific features, such as the ability to integrate with Adobe Express, create a marketing roadmap, manage creative tasks, create or insert designs in tasks, and bring brand asset management and productivity together in one unified platform. Trello, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose project management tool that can be used for a wide range of projects and teams.

Brandy focuses on seamless integration between tasks and digital asset management, leveraging the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud. This integration empowers users to access their digital assets directly from Brandy, create new designs with Adobe Express, and attach assets to tasks. Additionally, users can insert brand assets into existing tasks to update designs dynamically. Brandy also allows users to create and insert dynamic designs from Adobe Express into their tasks, fostering team collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page with new or existing designs.

At its core, Brandy offers lightning-fast digital asset management and enterprise-level support for global social teams. In addition to its specialized features, Brandy boasts a rich-text editor that rivals Atlassian's Confluence. With Brandy, creative teams can easily combine tasks and documents on a single platform, streamlining collaboration and increasing productivity.

Adobe Workfront and Jira: A Comparison

Like Brandy and Trello, Adobe Workfront and Jira are both web-based project management tools. However, Adobe Workfront and Jira are designed for more complex project management needs.

Jira is a popular tool for software development and product teams. It is designed to support agile development methodologies, and comes with features such as backlog management, sprint planning, and issue tracking. Jira is highly customizable, and can be integrated with a range of other development tools.

Adobe Workfront, on the other hand, is designed for enterprise-level project management. It offers a range of features for managing complex projects, including resource management, project planning, and portfolio management. It also comes with a range of reporting and analytics tools, allowing users to track project progress and identify potential issues. The most important difference between Workfront and Jira is that Workfront has the edge for creative design teams because it integrates seamelessly with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Brandy and Adobe Workfront: The Next Trello and Jira for Adobe?

Brandy and Adobe Workfront are designed for creative, brand, social, marketing, and design teams where solutions like Jira, Trello, ClickUp, Monday, and Asana are more generic, with a lack of focus on asset management and not purpose-built. Brandy is the next Trello for Adobe, just like Atlassian has Trello and Jira, with Trello being the simple solution like Brandy. The aim is to provide a simplified project management solution that meets the specific needs of creative teams, small businesses, and agencies at revolutionary pricing.


In summary, Brandy and Trello are both web-based project management tools that offer a visual approach to task management. While Brandy is designed specifically for marketing teams, Trello is a more general-purpose tool that can be used for a wide range of projects and teams along with other tools on the market such as ClickUp,, Asana, and Wrike. Similarly, Adobe Workfront and Jira are both web-based project management tools, but they are designed for more complex project management needs. Jira is popular with software development teams, while Adobe Workfront is more commonly used in creative and marketing industries for managing work requests, approvals, and reviews. Both tools provide features like time tracking, reporting, and integrations with other software tools. Ultimately, the choice between these tools will depend on the specific needs of your team and project.

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