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Brandy is live!

September 23, 2022

Brandy, the brand asset manager for small and medium sized companies, is officially live! See what motivated us to build a tool that will help you reduce communication overhead and improve brand consistency.

Reducing communication overhead and improving brand consistency

"What's the RGB for our primary color?", "Could you send me the vertical logo with transparent background?". Do your designers receive questions like these on daily basis? There are two reasons why that's so often the case.

First of all this information probably buried in an unmaintained folder somewhere on Google Drive or DropBox. Brandy solves this problem by giving you a dedicated space for all your brand assets with a customizable URL to access it.

The second reason is that many of these assets require to be exported with a specific size, color variation or file format. This means maintaining hundreds of files for each variation or asking designers with the right software for a favour. With Brandy we made it easy for everyone to export vector files directly from their browser with the right settings.

Vector file exporting - Brand brand asset manager

Brand asset manager built for small and medium sized companies

Most brand asset management solutions are built for the enterprise. There is nothing wrong that, but most companies can't justify spending thousands of dollars a year on such solution. Brandy has a simple and transparent pricing starting at $5/month. No sales calls or demos required, just create your account and upload your files.

We are a bootstrapped company without the pressure of going up market. That means we will continue building the best brand asset manager for small and medium companies going forward.

Adam Hayek - Founder of Brandy brand asset manager

Brandy founder, Adam Hayek

Build with design agencies and studios in mind

Working for clients and think Brandy could help you streamline the communication or provide some extra value to your services? We have a great news. You can manage brand assets for multiple brands from a single account. And it gets cheaper the more brands you add (learn more about our pricing).

Managing multiple brands - Brandy brand asset manager

Single source of truth for all your brand assets

Empower your team with an easy to use brand asset management tool. Brandy saves you hours generating, organizing and searching for things like logos, color palettes, product photos or fonts.

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